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moncler womens Taking advantage of the Christmas cake myself completely relax to go out to eat, shopping all day. Yes, all day! Mood well can say not too pleasant. While Shanghai also catch a festival down the temperature to

About heating and cooling problems, we really explored many times, such as the cake themselves, a pair of jeans+high collar bottoming+shirt+leather plus cotton jacket go out on the completely don’t feel the cold. So, okay~I admit that really belongs to is not afraid of the cold star people…… Because, to put down armed, out of the street girl, in the streets of Shanghai, but also not too few, a soil course and also fashionable sense.

moncler outlet woodbury In fact, say what down jacket is a stylish insulator, is shit on. For example, wuli “down the goddess” Rihanna, year after year, has wear, also the long section of the down jacket are worn over and over, even indoor concerts are not spared, visible Rihanna on down to the love.

And lately, the show and street shooting, down jacket are set for each road to pamper all in one. 16, 15-year autumn and winter show field has no shortage of down jacket shadow~

From left to right: Marques Almeida 2016, the Issey Miyake 2016, the Chanel2016

moncler outlet uk Whether it is a long paragraph, short paragraph, long paragraph…… There is also coffee while graces it.

These Coffee children are almost staffing a member of the frequency, suddenly feeling no one member is the sin? Not to mention, with a down jacket, cold stormwind, my mother no longer have to worry about the baby girl being frozen……. And drink from the source, we would like to thank or those brain Emmanuel invented down to the people~


Talk about history

But, on the down jacket was born really have a lot to say:

moncler outlet store In our China, the Zhou dynasty has birds and animals hairiness made Collard recording, also known as vellus clothing. While the Han Dynasty useful Yak hair make clothes flocculated material, the Tang Dynasty have take goose of plush do clothing floc material.

Ad 889 years, Tang Liu Xun, worked in Guangzhou, a description of the local scenery, the writing of the ridge the table recorded a different action, also a record, “the South side of the chiefs house, and more preferably goose of fine wool, the clip to the fabric, the wadding and the For is, the complex vertical and horizontal Nano, its gentle no less than rely on fine cotton also.” And also recorded, at the time, goose down quilt is not only warm, also to prevent children made epilepsy wonders.

Vellus clothing

moncler outlet prices In fact, all over the world, people think down is good insulation: the Norwegian people very early before a lot of importance to its production of a feather, it comes from Iceland geese and duck, this bird in the nest, in the nest spread a layer of your own body fluff. This Icelandic geese duck may not come on, used to make the quilt called the world’s most expensive quilt, the price of RMB 20 million or more, also in short supply~

Although jacket sources have different opinions, really get a patent for the person is–Eddie Bauer, the Eddie Bauer one.

It is said that in 1812 Napoleon attack Russia, Bauer’s uncle followed to go to war, just can’t stand the Russian cold weather, the head a went to pull some chicken feathers stuffed into clothes, and eventually he warm and back to France, “feather dress” was born.

moncler outlet online Bauer heard after returning to the uncle’s “boast” that there has engaged in head: in order to more frivolous warm the better will try to put the feather into the feather; however, the sewn into the clothes in the feather is easily deposited, Bauer used the quilting technique made the modern style of the down jacket.

Bauer quilting techniques and feather production in 1940 to get the patent, but in fact the ridge the table recorded a different FROM also earliest record we have long to “re-aspect-Nano” …… Of course, regardless of who is the first invention, we do not need to spend too much time and space, you only need to know down to the ultimate purpose no doubt is to keep warm.


Down jackets are filled with what?

moncler outlet florida You must be curious about can’t see down inside the bile contains what? Down jacket filler is generally through the different proportions of the waterfowl category animals of cashmere and feather raw footage composition.

Cashmere, also known as velvet flower, down is these waterfowl neck to chest and abdomen between the containing no feather stems of the bristles, with a super warm anti-cold ability, plus the portion of the fluff no feathers Terrier, very soft, the fiber is long and fluffy degrees high, equivalent to a smaller volume, so more is the production of down jackets in the finest materials.

moncler outlet california Feather raw footage is in addition to the above-mentioned fluff outside the body on other parts of the hair, is generally flaky, the middle feather stems. Warmth without the fluff better, but it has the nice rebound effect.

Down to the warm principle

Cheap Black Women Down Coat Outlet Moncler
Cheap Black Women Down Coat Outlet Moncler

And down by the filling down is how to achieve the warm effect?

With fur, wool cashmere warm in different forms, down is the most direct for the human body and the air between the insulation layers. And the most economical insulation material is air, down is by storing the air, reducing the body around the cold air flow to reach the warmth of the effectiveness of the Oh.

moncler outlet So, down to the good elastic let down in itself becomes a very large storage Air Space, this space stays larger, air flow is slower, but also warmer. So, down more, down elastic better, stays out of the space is greater, can be installed in the air More, dress warmer. It also determines the down jacket tend to be swollen fat like~


The filling of feather types how to choose?

To achieve the manufacture of “air balloon” to keep warm effect down jacket filler is very important.~

moncler online The most common is the goose down and duck down. On the market down in accordance with the price sort of white goose>grey goose>white duck>gray duck down. The reason?: the goose cashmere flower greater, the quality will be lighter but wear to the body the difference is not so obvious yet, with goose down, the taste is also more often than duck down lightweight, because they eat grass. So the taste particularly sensitive, such as pie such, you can choose goose down.

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Moncler Coats Women Pure Color Hooded Fashion Black Sale

It is also worth cake a mention is the feather color and warmth and not too big difference. White cashmere than gray nice, plus the white fleece of fibrous tissue is relatively fine, soft, long fiber length make it fluffy better, it is often expensive.


Consider the standard

moncler mens jackets sale But even though the cake said so many down, as the liner has simply invisible, not to mention the down jacket warmth it is not with the price level proportional to the sort of Oh, also don’t blindly believe the high price the quality is necessarily better. So, we generally choose reliable brands and the merchants, through the clothes on the washing label and hangtag, etc. the product label of the reference charge down the amount, the containing fabric quantity and bulkiness of the three dimensions:

Moncler Down Jackets Women Hot On Sale Uk
Moncler Down Jackets Women Hot On Sale Uk

Containing fabric quantity that is clothes-filled cashmere in all the filler content in percentage, is the warmth of the key factors. Containing fabric quantity above 70% is true can outdoor hardiness level, and 50%is national down clothing provisions of the minimum standards.

The bulkiness is the International measure of the warm degree of important indicators, refers to certain conditions every ounce 30 grams down the volume occupied cubic inch value. For example, one ounce of down the space occupied by 600 cubic inches called the down the fluffy degree 600. In General, plump, Mature birds, their feather and down the fluffy degrees higher, on the contrary, small poultry bulkiness low.

moncler mens An ounce of feather and down, the different bulkiness of the volume of the different

General daily wear down jacket of fluffy degrees about 450—500 would be enough, Oh, to reach 600—900 it is very warm, can achieve the outdoor sports level.

Moncler London Uk Outlet
Moncler London Uk Outlet

Charge down the amount is a charge to go in the actual feather raw footage+down the mass in grams, and it is the clothes of the size, length, style and other factors.

Cake alert: so you want to consider a piece of clothing to keep warm? Often the three data comprehensive consideration before it can be Oh~


Fabric selection

moncler jacket sale In addition to the above, down to the warm or also with fabric about:

Feather caught in the rain or inside sweating, wet after the warm performance is completely lost. Oh, and then thick again high also useless. So having a waterproof treatment of the fabric and more preferably~

In addition, the down run is gone it is not warm!~so anti-running fleece lined with delicate Pinhole is also necessary drops.

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Moncler Long Down Coats For Women Outlet

This buys a piece to wear for many years a single product, of course, to withstand the toss, so the fabric is also abrasion-resistant.


How selected

moncler jacket In summary, our popularity on down to the relevant knowledge, then the question is, how can the simple and effective selection of high-quality down jacket?

Five points: a look at the two by three touch four RUB Five the smell

Look: see the basic information are complete, containing velvet volume, and filling velvet volume, hair types and manufacturers of basic information, the bulkiness of information, can be directly consulting a shopping guide staff.

Press: charge down the amount of the same jacket, the greater the volume, i.e. the jacket, the more fluffy the quality is better, rebound time, the faster the down jacket quality is good showed fluffy and high.

Moncler New Hot Sale Online
Moncler New Hot Sale Online

3, Touch: through the inner layer to touch down, if you feel irritation, the description of this dress in feathers of the higher levels, if you touch up does not tie the hands, the clothes of the cashmere amount are relatively high, warm and good.

4, RUB: the hard slapping, to observe whether there is fluff or dust appears, to determine the fabric anti-cashmere sexual is poor or the suture needle is too large, this jacket will be more through the thin, waterproof and breathable also not too good.

5, smell: the smell down to the taste, if pungent or odor, is the process, but off, belongs to the unqualified products.

moncler sale And for online shopping, especially overseas buyers, the most important is to look at down the relevant parameters and other users of the reputation evaluation.

Moncler Outlet Uk 2018 Black Friday
Moncler Outlet Uk 2018 Black Friday


Style with the matching

Okay, we finally said To of styles and match, the most basic conventional down jacket is also designed really to be from Eddie Bauer, girls in a variety of down jacket to the conventional brand can buy to get. And it hit the thin cards is the waist design~

moncler sale mens This class of down, even the super gas field+long legs KK upper body is also a Deputy “program APE” of the nerds look like, so don’t to it’s “Hipster sense of” asking for too much, do decent on the is already nice. After all, that’s what warm used~

And a variety of the length in thigh Central the end of the long section was practical, warm and aesthetics are integrated the best choice, with the belt can be significantly high~

And this kind of down jacket purchase options:

Moncler Outlet Uk
Moncler Outlet Uk

The most expensive, the price of Uniqlo annually robbed out of stock, with white duck down as filling, with thin features; and

moncler sale outlet We all know with the white goose down filling, charge down the amount of more than 85% of million yuan Moncler, is through the luxury;

To the lightest thinnest most stylish famous down jacket world of Add Down price 3~4K discount when also Super worth it buys;

Moncler Outlet
Moncler Outlet

From the M home quite out of the designers established Duvetica charge down the amount can reach 90%white duck down, the price is low a lot; and

moncler store In addition, the domestic common bosideng, elegant deer…… Can be based on the cake to write the selected way to pick Oh~

Outdoor sports while fabrics and pile on the requirements of the higher. Waterproof breathable windproof lightweight is a must, but also enough to keep warm. To outdoor-based jackets usually are the neutral military installation of the meter, is Hollywood movie stars who wear the most is also the number this, after all, “handsome” is more much the fashion Icon’s heart, and such functional features of the down jacket are to warm is known drops~

moncler uk Among them, the most representative is to fight wolf fur, fill duck down are called goose Canada Google, of course, it is home to duck down fluffy degree can reach 750, so can allegedly withstand minus 30°cold, is the warmest choice cake of the grass, especially the expedition series;

In addition, some outdoor Brand: THE NORTH FACE Korea more tide, the Columbia will have a similar section soon.

Moncler Women Down Coat Black Outlet
Moncler Women Down Coat Black Outlet

Of course, nearly two years down jacket hot, there must be a lot of big names, designer brands jostle to account for this practical single product of the pit. Can do fashion and personality must be warm and concave shape correct amounts of:

moncler usa Handsome and stylish short jacket, such jacket pants with the skinny single product you can any time of the concave shape is simply handsome to her boyfriend force MAX to PARAJUMPERS Gobi, and STELLA McCARTNEY, Coach, Kenzo as the representative of the domestic leader of Chinese women clothing also have a choice. Basically, do not pick the people to

To 3. 1 Phillip Lim, Christian Wijnants as the representative of and design kind of spaced out fairy bone, suitable for slim literary sense young women have a concave shape to

Street shoots out is this effect to the domestic leader of Chinese women clothing as well as long as the pillars and the designers have also collaborated on a wave of this type of style. This category is not limited to the young girl, MILF moms also can wear good-looking~

Moncler Women Fur Collar Down Jacket For Sale
Moncler Women Fur Collar Down Jacket For Sale

While the expansion of the sense of a single product directly to maximize to the oversized design in many fashionable down jacket in the most prominent, such as the girls easily will be able to buy bread clothing inside the ride tight single product can wear out fashionable sense. Little girls can try to wear the excitation protection is seeking to Moncler sale, in addition to the Korean brand is more keen on such.

moncler vest And the “large quilt” jacket, looks super big one is not easy to harness it? In fact, the body type shapely of the girls picked the right color and style you can easily wear out fashionable a sense of~the same for the ride tight single product. For example, TB can buy designer brands The FAKE us five~

Moncler Women Hot Sale
Moncler Women Hot Sale

Finally, for the down jacket of the match, a good grasp of the “elasticated mix” of the basic principles you can’t go wrong! Wide large big down jacket only by skinny bottoms for comparison, in order to create a thin, high efficiency. Those who downloaded are bowed hemp rod street beat unless you bring your own gas field, otherwise as to daily appropriately for the target ordinary girl, driving not of the Oh! (The length reason, the match we put up today the second article in.

Then down jacket How do you know?